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    Rotei's Specialty

    Fresh ingredients carefully selected from various parts of Kyushu

    From the Yanagibashi Association Market called "Hakata's Kitchen ", we cook and offer foods from around Kyushu, including fresh seafood caught in the vicinity of Genkai-Nada, Kumamoto Red Beef and Fukuoka Itoshima Pork etc.
    Please choose your favorite fresh ingredients lined up across the counter.

    Three kinds of hearth burning grills to maximize the flavor of your food


    Hearth burning grills using "high-grade charcoal" made by Tosa Binchotan, one of Japan's 3 largest producers of charcoal which also include Kishu and Hyuga. Because it warms the material from the core with an infrared effect, it keeps your food juicy with an even finish and without burning.


    Primitive grilling where fish and meat are stood around the charcoal fire and baked while adjusting the distance. With a beautiful baked color, the surface is crisp and fragrant, leaving the inside juicy and moist.


    Straw-grill which produces a brisk flame that burns up to as high as 800 degrees Celsius. This manner of grilling envelops the flavor of the food giving it a rich finish that is similar to being smoked.

    Local sake and wines from throughout the country

    Fukuoka's original French cuisine and Michelin Guide shining star, Grand Maison (Rasin d'Or) where the owner and sommelier Hideki Ishii has a selection of fine wines that compliment the hearth grill cuisine. There are also specialty sake and shochu from an array of sake breweries throughout the country.

    A lively, stylish atmosphere

    A tasteful interior using lanterns and Edo black plaster, a restaurant where you can feel the warmth of the trees, enjoy fresh foods and the decor of craftsmen lined up at the counter. Our chefs provide delicious food with a powerful hearth grill in a bustling and stylish atmosphere. Please enjoy our hospitality.

    • 2020.02.19 Information on adding Imari beef motsunabe course.
    • 2018.10.01 Announcement of course / single item menu update
    • 2018.04.09 【Limited time offer】 Rotei original cocktail information

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    Access Map

    The road next to our restaurant is very narrow, so please be very careful when coming by car.
    For parking, please use the surrounding parking lots.


    Please add us on your LINE app and register by adding us as a "friend", "ID search" or by "QR code"

    Please add us on your LINE app and register by adding us as a "friend", "ID search" or by "QR code"


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    5-13-23, Watanabe-dori, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka 810-0004
    OPEN 17:30 - 24:30
    (L.O. Food 23:30 / Drink 24:00)

    Closed: Irregular Holiday



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